About Us

We are a technical company with over ten years experience in software development. We specialise in providing bespoke services for companies of all sizes. We design software that will improve efficiency and productivity.


We can help maintain/extend your existing CMS system, we have experience from WordPress to Sitecore implementations.

If you are not currently using any CMS system for your web site, we can help create one for you, we will always advise depending your budget and your teams experience.


No complex web/app is without a database, we can help design/extend your existing database; we can also help with maintenance of your database.

We have extensive experience on various database system, from traditional RDBMS to NOSQL

Bespoke Applications

We can help you develop your own application for IOS, Android to Desktop. We primarily work with .Net/Java technologies, but we can develop on other software platforms. We will always work with your team’s strength and your budget.

We have helped many organisations over the years, they ranged from small Interior Designer firms to large Financial Institutions.


Want to work with us?

Your project is very important to us.